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We are family of four who immigrated to Australia from the US. However, we are not Americans as we lived in the US as immigrants too. We are originally from former Yugoslavia.

So we immigrated twice in our lives!

We collected invaluable experiences along the way. Through our passion in finances, we also discovered many secrets of banking, investing, capital growth and preservation.

Portion of our rich immigrants journey, especially knowledge about banking in Australia from the US perspective, we documented in our eBook.
We want to share with you as much information as we can so if you happen to travel the same path… your journey gets to be easier and more pleasant!

Welcome to Banking in Australia!
This is our story…

We moved continents a few times. We started in Europe.
Life wasn’t that easy so we figured, let’s cross the Atlantic and seek some better opportunities in America.
So we settled there and started our lives anew. We were OK but we never felt like at home.
After another 15 years, we pulled the anchor again and decided to move to Australia. We found our new home!
But, our story is not only about where we lived – it is more what we’ve learned and what experiences we went through.

I guess, our passions play major roles in our lives. Somehow, we tend to learn the best, the stuff we are the most passionate about.
In our case, the passion was about financial security and independence. Of course, we used every opportunity to make more money. So we focused on our incomes, thinking if only we earned more, we would easily achieve our financial goals.
But life works in some strange fashion. We observed we always adjust our standard of living so we spend everything we earn. We realized, we will never get anywhere behaving like that. There is no limit to spending, yet our incomes were always quite limited.
So we shifted our focus to outcomes!

Expenditures quite often seemed neglected. But they hold the secret of financial success.
No matter how much you earn, you need to control your outcomes. That is the foundation of solid personal finances and ultimate achievement of financial goals.

Banking in Australia in not only about banking and it is not only about Australia.
It is about your personal finances. It is about increasing your financial efficiency by reducing unnecessary expenditures.
We start with fees, commissions and interest. But there are many aspects of our financial lives that are desperate for improvement.
So we want to help you improve your finances and achieve your financial goals.

We reached our financial goals and now we want to take you on a journey and help you reach yours too…
There is always room for improvement. All the experience we accumulated living on three continents will be on your disposal…
We’ll show you how to improve your finances!

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We have only started telling you about many ways you can get your finances under control and how you can finally live a better life. We would like to have you on board so we can travel together more efficiently and in the right direction.