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Warning Immigrants! Everyone Wants Your Money
And How To Make Them Get None Of It!
If Only I Knew All This Stuff Back Then,
My First Months As Aussie Would Have Been
SO Much Easier!!”
Smart And Legal Ways To Start Your Immigrant Financial Life
While Keeping Your Money Yours!


Real Life Experience
Of Twice Immigrated
Family That
 Cracked The Code Of
Efficient Banking 

Here is why you NEED
this book:


  • 9 financial  mistakes that may cost you fortune 
  • How to stream more income into your pocket and accumulate money faster
  • Secret to understanding what salary numbers REALLY mean
  • Why never to blindly listen to financial advisors
  • What never to forget when planning an investment
  • How to choose wisely the type of loan you need (house hunting, car loans, furniture etc)
  • Warning! Amazing Conclusions That Every Mortgage Taker Should Know!
  • How to recognize hidden agenda BEFORE ‘they’ take your money away
  • Risk-free book with 100% satisfaction guarantee, otherwise money back ASAP!!!
Lets see if this sounds familiar to you:

inally one day my wife and I decided to move to a different country for the purpose of building and securing our own and our children’s future. We didn’t want to rely anymore on our parents’ financial support hence we chose to try our “luck” first in the US and later in Australia.

So, here we are- our last destination, all excited about our future and eager to discover this beautiful country- Down Under!! That feeling lasted for about…12 hours, because real life kicked in and all that came with it.

 So, first stop: bank!  We did paperwork, but a detailed explanation about an account was referred to us by “look at our website”. Great! …until you actually go to their website and become perfectly overloaded with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that you would EVER need in your ENTIRE lifetime… Oh, and did I mention 100-point check list that requires you to have a paper from a bank stating validity of your residential address before you are issued driver’s licence!!!

Long story short, after everything was said and done and all processes were finally finished, my wife and I sat down and said: “Wished there was one book that would have given us all this info or at least a glimpse of what to expect  PRIOR  to coming to AU so we don’t have to go around for months trying to “reinvent the wheel”. Just tell us:

  • How to transfer money internationally avoiding bank rip-offs (meaning SAVE ON FEES!)
  • How to decide about which loan to take and reveal hidden consultation fees (fine prints)
  • What are AU fees and tax and their roles in everyday life
  • How to protect money from potential economy collapse
  • Are there any agencies that we need to register with (especially regarding to medical and health insurance)”

Hence, we continued our journey through  heaps of paperwork and hours and hours of international phone calls  to find out how to transfer money safely and affordably (no consultation fees). Sounds familiar, right?

Of course, besides extensive phone bills and hours we put in reading fine prints of documents that financial advisors were giving us, the global economy crises were not helping at all which means I needed to be able to protect my hard-earned assets.

Again, who should I ask about THAT: Google, Banks, Department of treasury?

Is that too much to ask?

No!!! Actually it is expected from a person to ask these types of questions and receive required answers.

So, here it is… The book that will save you time and money, and most importantly help you  not  feel agitated, angry, and frustrated.

We hope that our experience will give you at the very least one more viewpoint of the banking system in AU with reference from our prior life in America.

Introducing the simple and practical book that could make start of future financial life of every immigrant in Australia even more prosperous and successful…

Can you imagine how relieved you will be if you had this book prior to visiting the bank? Just knowing the real meaning of words you are about to be told is priceless. You will feel confident, much more prepared and comfortable negotiating deals because you’ll know what type of loans will probably be offered and understand better whether or not they are right for you. If you don’t believe us which is understandable since we haven’t met, please test our book and tell us your opinion. We are very confident that our story can be valuable to you or anyone for that matter because there is no point of “reinventing the wheel”.

Here is a sneak preview of valuable information
you will have at your fingertips:

  • Why Lack Of Money Usually Means Even Greater Lack Of Money (page 38)
  • How to recognize which one of few most common myths is responsible for bad banking outcomes (pages 12, 13 & 32)
  • Discover the key to surviving financially uncertain times (pages 10 & 58)
  • Crimes we commit against our savings accounts! (pages 9 & 17)
  • One word that EARNS big money – a secret that will protect your assets (pages 47 & 58)
  • What type of personality employers secretly want to employ (page 33)
  • How to protect your assets from next potential financial crisis (pages 58 & 59)
  • What are the secrets that banks will never tell you and your accountant has never heard of (pages 55 thru 57)
  • How to prosper from the next Internet secret and why (pages 50 thru 54)
  • How to choose the RIGHT time for buying a house (pages 11, 41 & 42)
  • How to avoid these mistakes when getting a loan (Loans chapter as well as Fees chapter)
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So, there you have it…
I don’t know about you but I wish I had all that information when we first moved. Instead of wasting so much time and energy on figuring out correct ways to establish your financial status in Australia, it will be tremendously easier if you have the correct information to start with …


STOP!! That is not all
I have something extra for you
as a token for reading this far…
You guessed it…
 F R E E  bonus  S T U F F !!! 


Essentials For Surviving First Six Months In Aussie Land- Short list of websites for buying cars, house/ renting house, retail shops/ rentals, medicare, centrelink, and what to avoid on them.


Psychology and Achievement, The Trained Memory and Applied Psychology: Driving Power of Thought- by Warren Hilton. Three books that will help you better understand what causes the blockages of your actions and how to redirect them to successful outcomes- powerful mind!


The richest man in Babylon- collected wisdom written by George S. Clason in 1926, which book is renowned by beautifully described century old wisdom of Old World


Now, when everything is said and done, there is one more thing left for us to do- calculate math of everything that is offered with this book.

We understand that there are lots of websites and agencies that offer full services to immigrants – from visa info to actual moving procedures. We understand because we used them.  But there was one thing that we could NOT hear from them- actual real-life experiences of the people coming to Australia and everything they did, felt, and overcame during that process. And that was the reason why we decided to write this book. 

We want to put your mind at ease, at least on this matter, and tell you how WE did it, what was OUR experience with financial institutions even though you have not met us – make impossible possible!!

I know, you wonder: “Will it work for me just as well it worked for you?”. Well, let me tell you something. We didn’t write this book with the goal of you following our words verbatim. Contrary, we only want to empower you with everything we encountered and learned hard way so you don’t have to.

This doesn’t mean that you will not learn something else or even different, because you will. But at least you will not feel discouraged and crushed with all new information that will DEFINITELY make you doubt your decisions.
You are not alone! The lists of things we learned in our first six months, whether it was for financial need or daily necessity, was composed and summarized into dictionary-like book as Simple and Easy As Possible- no- brainer whatsoever!!
So how much would life-saving book like this cost?

We know what it’s like to be NEWCOMER. It takes lots of courage, patience and adjustments. You don’t know what to expect but you are ready for it, especially financially. Lets make things a bit easier for you so that you can feel like this…

Without the book

With the book

Therefore, we think that $59 would be reasonable price for all hours that we put into building this book AND the benefit that you will get from it. Just think about it- you don’t have to try to interpret new words spoken with slang and local accents that are not yet familiar to you while settling down. Take one step at the time and deal with basic things in no rush because you will have our book as a support and comparison to everything you see and hear.


It’s not over… Since this is my first of, hopefully, many more to come information packages, I would like to give you an extra special bonus to show my appreciation for your interest…

 Order today for this amazing opportunity:
Get Everything for $39.00 

A lot of wonderful and very valuable things you’ll get for merely $39!! Remember, these bonuses are not just for economical purposes. You can use them for other things as well such as finding jobs, learning new cultural standards, establish higher set of goals… mindset is a powerful thing, don’t you agree? And, since you are already here and there is really no excuse why not to buy it now, go straight to the add to shopping cart button and grab this book and all the wonderful and resourceful free gifts that come with it. Order today for this amazing opportunity!

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And one more, very important thing…


In a case you are not 100% positive if this book is for you, I want to take the whole risk from you and put it on me. Meaning, if you are not 100% satisfied with this book, please let us know immediately and we will get you a quick refund.



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So, there you go…
You have two options really: either you buy this book and transform all half- truths and myths that usually result in unavoidable, long- lasting, and expensive financial regrets into victories and have hassle-free and easier transition to Aussie world, or… not. But logically speaking, if you are like me and want to know as much as possible upfront, than you will grab a copy of this book and start your journey relaxed and “laid- back” as a true Aussie.
Welcome to Financial Australia, mate!!
Wish you all the best !!
Sash Jacobson


Please allow me to summarize what you get, one more time…

Everything you will receive
Real Value
Your Price
Banking in Australia eBook
1 x Getting Started Guide
3 x Develop Your Mindset eBook
1 x Babylon eBook
$59.00 Only $39.00
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P.S. If you think financial part of your move will be quick and easy by knowing AND understanding the “good, bad, and ugly” of AU banking systems and what it REALLY means to you, then this book is for YOU!
P.P.S. Remember that the original price of this extraordinary one-stop start book with additional complementary bonuses worth of $110 is only $59 but you can get it for mere $39 early-bird price! How cool is that?!
P.P.P.S. And…don‘t forget that you are covered with our 100 % super-duper satisfaction guarantee because if the book does not meet your need PLEASE let us know and you’ll receive full refund in no time- no question asked! So, what are you waiting for? Click the order button and start your financial life the easy way. Cheers!!

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