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“Money Takes Forever To Get Into Your Wallet, Then Quickly Leaves Before You Know It?”

Hi, here at Banking in Australia, we want to share with you our experience about immigrating and setting up a financial footprint in a new country. We immigrated twice: first to the US, then to Australia. We learned quite a bit along the way, especially about finances since that was our passion.

We are not only focused on banking or Australia. We have plenty general personal finance tips to share with you which can make your life a lot better! We would like you to subscribe to our E-mail list as that is the best way to keep in touch and not miss any of our valuable secrets.

As you are here for the first time, we would like to offer you a free gift. We chose one full chapter from our eBook in form of an audio file (mp3). Please subscribe and listen to this gift to discover the foundation of finances – the Great Australian currency.

In this FREE gift, we’ll share with you the following about The Great Australian Money:

  • Who’s responsible for creation of Australian dollars and what are their objectives
  • What are the physical characteristics of Australian banknotes
  • What is usually called Gold Coins
  • Why is that Australian dollars are so popular among Forex traders around the world
  • Why is AUD considered a commodity currency and how does that impact its value
  • What makes the exchange rate fluctuate and what can you expect from AUD in future
  • Why should you diversify into Australian dollars
  • How interest rate policies affect currencies and economies
  • Should you keep your money under the mattress
  • How is Real Estate market related to currency value
  • Where you can find the best saving advice in the world

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